How I Make Money online

Do you try to make money online? If so, what do you do? Do you advertise business opportunities? Or do you join easy money programs, only to learn they are not easy? Do you try to sell other people's products, and find it is not as easy as everyone says? Let me tell you one of the biggest secrets to making money online. But before I do that. I want to cover the basics things you must do before you do anything else. 

  1. Find something that a specific group wants to buy. 
  2. Make sure you can reach this group easily via email, or websites. 
  3. Sell the things they want. 

Communicate to the most targeted people with the simplest and direct message. How do you do this? The fact is, no one knows what another person is thinking, so creating a direct, effective message is extremely difficult. This is the reason that the people are making big money online. They test. They test the words they use then they test the pictures they use. They also test the sites they advertise on. They test titles of email messages. In short, they test everything. 

The reason why the richest online marketers test so much is because they do not know what makes their costumers take action and buy stuff. The only way they can get maximum results is by trying a bunch of things, and measuring how each thing performs. Over time, some things will work better than others, and this means that some things make more money than other things. When you make money online, you can afford to spend more, and increase your total profits. 

Knowing your profit margins 
A key result of testing means you know how well you are doing so if you are making money you can do more of it. If you are not making money, you can stop doing it or change what you are doing. 

Testing is one of the reasons why the rich get richer. They learn what works and then test stuff until they find something that works even better. It's because you are not testing! So, start testing what you say, how you say it, where you say it, and the images, videos and other stuff you use to communicate.